What to do if your system is plugged

system plugged

  • Step1 – turn blower and air lock switches to the off positions.

  • Step2 – Turn Speed control switch to the MANUAL position and the Speed Dial to 100%.

  • Step3 – Go to the blower and open the brass bypass ball valve

  • Step4 – Go back to the control box and turn the blower switch to the HAND position which will start the blower.

  • Step5 – To the blower and watch the PSI gauge, then close the ball valve and the PSI gauge will rise quickly, once the gauge reads 10 PSI open the ball valve, and let the blower recover.  Repeat this process until the plug has been alleviated, and the system is running free.

  • Step6 – Once the system has been un-plugged, return all the switches to their normal state: Blower and Air Lock switches in the AUTO position, and the Speed Control switch in the AUTO position.  Then restart the dryer in the normal operating procedure.

If the system plugs repeatedly, you are losing capacity somewhere, and you should call JPS to help troubleshoot further.

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