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The Cyclone efficiently separates grain and air at the bin entry point with the grain dropping smoothly into the bin while the air is vented outside the bin.
Discharge adapter for your Vari-Air system. Available in 5″, 6″ sizes.
The Remote Air Box eliminates the need to run the air tubing from the Vari-Air Blower to the Vari-Air Control Box.
The Vari-Air mesh filter provides additional protection for your blower against fine particles in the air.
Replacement aluminum sight glass for Vari-Air blower.
Rotary Valve Bare Airlock – Square Cast Iron Housing.
Pressure Transducer
Our intake air pre-cleaner is designed specifically for the Vari-Air blower to remove up to 90% of particles from the air before it enters the filter.
60 and 90 degree, galvanized deadhead.  Available for 4″, 5″ and 6″ systems
4″ , 5″ , 6″ Airlock Assembly.  Includes airlock, sprockets, pulleys, 1phase or 3phase motor, gearbox, stand, and pellet valve/wiper.
5″ or 6″ Blower on Skid.  Includes blower, filter for blower, pulleys and sprockets.
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