Airlock Guide and maintenance


Proper maintenance of your airlock will maximize its lifetime.  Vari-air recommends rebuilding your airlock after 1 million bushels.  Contact us for more information.  

Vari-Air Recommends the following maintenance for your airlock: 


  • Check the oil level on the gearbox.   If low, replace with ISO220 or SAE90 ASE synthetic oil.   Contact Vari-Air to purchase.  
  • Check chain tension.   If loose, adjust chain tension to remove any slack.
  • If chain looks dry, spray with a chain lubricant.  
  • Visually inspect airlock for rust and debris.  If rust or debris are present – spray with rust preventative coating, such as vegetable oil. 

Post-Season (long term storage over 30 days):

  • If possible, cover the airlock to prevent debris and moisture from getting into the internal components. 
  • Spray the internal carbon steel surfaces with a rust preventative coating, such as, vegetable oil, to prevent internal rust from forming.
  • Turn the rotor every 30 days while in storage.

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